As part of tasks taken in 1.0 release, 2 new roles named as  Auditor and KMS Auditor has been introduced in ranger admin. They will have a read only access to all the services, policies, user/groups,audits and reports.

How to use the feature:

There are two ways to create  Auditor or Kms Auditor role user, one is using ranger UI  and curl command.

Simple steps to create Auditor role user:

  1. Using admin role user credentials login in ranger 

  2. Go to Settings => user/groups tab

  3. Click on add user button

  4. Fill in the details and select Auditor from the drop down of select role and save to create a user with Auditor role.


Simple steps assign KMS Auditor role to a user:

  1. Create a user using ranger admin credentials or choose one of the synced users.
  2. Login to Ranger Admin using credentials of a user having role keyadmin.

  3. In users groups tab select the user whose role you want to change to KMS Auditor.

  4. From the dropdown of Select role, Select KMSAduitor role and save it to update role of user.

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Other things to be Noted :