The Apache NiFi community recognizes how important it is to provide reliable releases on a number of levels.  But one of the most important aspects is that we consider the importance of changes which create new behavior, change existing behavior and so on.  We're committed to being a responsible community whereby we can continue to evolve the capabilities and features of NiFi and users can have a well understood and reliable upgrade path.  We're committed to ensuring backward compatibility issues are made quite rare or that the impact is clearly understood, minimized, and communicated.  You can read more about our approach to version management.  If you find that we've violated this commitment in any way please send us an email at and we'll work to resolve it for you and other users.

To summarize:

The following guidance is specific to the indicated version changes.  It will contain specific items that users should be aware of when moving between versions:

1. Create a database in PostgreSQL (For example, nifiregistry)

postgres=# CREATE DATABASE nifiregistry;

2. Update Modify PostgreSQL configuration values as per the environment. The points to the location of the existing H2 database.

# PostgreSQL configuration

3. Update the H2 database file name to be

a) Navigate to location of existing H2 database.

b) Rename file.

$ mv

4. Restart the Registry.