How can I become a committer

First of all you need to get involved and Contribute via the mail list, forums, edit the documentation, work on the issue tracker and submit patches.

Once you're contributing and your work is good, one of our Team may invite you to be a committer (after we've called a vote). When that happens, if you accept, the following process kicks into place...

Note that becoming a committer is not just about submitting some patches; its also about helping out on the development and user Discussion Forums, helping with documentation and the issue tracker.

Becoming a committer steps

Getting started at Apache

Firstly add yourself to the Team page

Now go read the instructions on the new committers guide. Its also worth viewing

More information

You can find more information about being a committer at Apache here.

Getting Karma in JIRA and Confluence

Mail the dev list and ask for karma for JIRA / Confluence giving them details of your username you used to register with them both. We can then grant the necessary karma so you can start grabbing JIRA issues or editing the wiki

Getting Karma in Jenkins / Hudson

Mail the PMC chair and ask for karma for Jenkins / Hudson as described here.