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  • Tutorial Application Input Files and Parameters
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All the input files for applications in PGA are available in
Folder by the application name exists with input files.
For your ease of use few are existing here.
  1. Gaussian Application Input Files
    1. Gaussian Input 1
    2. Gaussian Input 2
    3. Gaussian Input 3
    4. Gaussian Input 4
    5. Gaussian Input 5
    6. Gaussian Input 6

  2. Espresso Application Input Files
    1. AI_Pseudopotential_File
    2. AI_Primitive_Cell

  3. NWChem Application Input File
    1. Water_Molecule_Input

  4. WRF Input Files
    1. Namelist File - namelist.input
    2. WRF Boundary File - wrfbdy_d01
    3. WRF Initialization File - wrfinput_d01
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