Ambari Server / Web Client Version Mismatch

Sometimes users encounter message "Ambari Server / Web Client Version Mismatch", indicating that the version of UI in browser does not match version of server. 

This can happen when Ambari is not built with the parameter newVersion.

As documented in "Building Ambari" section of Ambari Development, the extra parameter should be added to Maven as follows

mvn clean package versions:set -DnewVersion="" 

Ambari UI fails to load

Sometimes users run into Ambari UI issues where the problem is not obvious (like below), and interaction is stuck.

This could have been caused by slow internet connection, no network service, exceptions on Ambari server etc. 

Users can use the browser to get additional details which might be helpful in identifying the issue. 

Instructions are provided here for the Chrome browser, but similar tools are available for FireFox (FireBug) and IE


  1. Open JavaScript Console

  2. Console Tab
    Note any errors (in red) or warnings (in yellow) you see in the JavaScript console.
    Please include like 10 lines before and after the error to get some context on the problem.
    Sometimes errors will have a stack-trace which can be viewed by clicking on the triangle beside the error. Expand the error and capture the stack trace also.

  3. Network Tab
    Note any network calls that are marked in red.
    Also calls which have Status column numbers not in the 200's are suspicious. 

  4. Network Call Details
    For calls noted in Step-3 collect additional information by clicking on the entry and noting the server response content and headers.

Provide these details while creating JIRAs or discussing about UI issues.



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