ApacheCon Lightning Talks - 2016 Seville

Join us for the ApacheCon Lightning Talks, Wednesday 17:15, where every attendee is welcome to participate.

This lively session has become a fun and expected ApacheCon tradition! As a community, taking time to laugh together is as important as taking time to code together. The Lightning Talks are spontaneous and each year has its own unique highlights.

Shane Curcuru and Lars Eilebrecht will be moderating the Lightning Talks at ApacheCon Europe 2016 Wednesday evening.

What is a Lightning Talk?

A Lightning Talk is a short presentation/talk of up to 5 minutes. There will be a timer which counts down from 5 minutes to zero - no longer!

Who can do a Lightning Talk?

Any attendee of ApacheCon! You don't need to be a speaker to do a Lightning Talk. Don't be shy, it's your chance for 5 minutes of fame at ApacheCon.

What are the topics of a Lightning Talk?

A Lightning Talk can be about anything. Yes, really anything! You get bonus points if it's about an ASF project, the Apache Software Foundation in general, Open Source, and even more bonus points if the talk is funny. However, sales and marketing pitches are not very popular at ApacheCon, and you may get kicked off the stage if you do one!

How do I submit a Lightning Talk?

To submit a talk, just write down your name and the title of your talk on a piece of paper and hand it to one of the Lightning Talk moderators at the beginning of the session. If you already know your topic, email the moderators now - increase your chances for a spot!
<asf shanecurcuru.org> <lars eilebrecht.net>

How do I know when it's my turn to do the talk?

Lars and Shane and will chose the talks randomly during the Lightning Talks session. Once they mention your name, just get up on the stage and do your talk. The clock starts ticking as soon as you are on the stage. Emailing your topic early, bribes, or humor plus Apache content gives you a better spot!

Can I use slides?

No, absolutely no slides allowed, unless your name is Rich Bowen. Disguises are possible, but in that case, bring a single malt too.

What are some past Lightning Talks?

Feathercast features some popular Lighting Talks from earlier:

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