Looking for an Avalon compatible components or blocks? Have one you want to share? Add it to the directory!


An Avalon container developed externally at Codehaus

Keel Framework

Keel is ready made server side infrastructure Keel incorporates multiple open source projects to provide you with a best of breed framework that works right out of the box.

Jing DAO

Jing is a Data Access Object (DAO) framework that supports Avalon components and works within Avalon containers.

OpenIM Instant Messaging

The purpose of the OpenIM project is to produce a fast, simple, and highly efficient instant messager server with high modularisation and a codebase that uses the Avalon tools and Merlin Container created by Apache's Avalon project.


JCrontab provides a simple Java implementation of the Unix cron service. An Avalon interface is provided.

Hibernate Wrapper

Hibernate is a topnotch ORM tool. An Avalon wrapper has been written to faciliate using Hibernate in an Avalon Environment.

Xingu Components

A collection of Avalon components including OJB and Hibernate support, a business object API, ACL component, Messenging component and more!


An Avalon component wrapper for OpenJMS

Enterprise Object Broker

a "post-J2EE" application server.


Java telnet implementation


Spice is a repository of Components which support Component Oriented Programming (COP) paradigms - in particular, the Inversion of Control (IoC) design pattern.


Ivory provides easy integration between your exiting java classes, Avalon services, and Axis. It allows easy deployment of soap services with none of the WSDD configuration that Axis normally mandates. Simply register your class or service and voila, you have a new RPC SOAP service. However, it also allows Avalon services to be used with the standard WSDD configuration easily.

You can find other components listed in the Related Projects section of the wiki and the avalon web site: http://avalon.apache.org/related/index.html

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