Avalon Testimonials

Have you tried out Avalon yet? Have a success story you want to share? If so, edit this page and post it below!

   I recently did a rewrite of a small application and ported it over to 
   Avalon.  The app had undergone several revisions and was starting to 
   get crufty.  I knew it would work better under Avalon, but the results 
   surprised me: 

    - The complete rewrite took under two weeks.  The last major revision 
      took over a month 
    - Due to using Avalon's configuration package, 38 classes were 
      eliminated.  (they had been generated with exolab's castor product) 
    - Originally the application had 11736 lines of code, 7863 lines were 
      from the castor generated classes, leaving 3873 lines of original code 
    - After Avalonization, the entire project had only 1686 lines of 
      code, cutting the original size in HALF! 
    - Several new features were added and the entire design updated to be 
      more modular 
    - We even got a small performance speed boost 

   This is another reason why Avalon rocks!  Thanks again guys! 

   - jaaron (06/09/2003) 

I recently implemented Avalons IoC framework for my Bug Tracker. I was able to clean up my code by removing all those nasty singletons and factory classes

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