Camel 2.0-M3 release

New and Noteworthy

Welcome to the 2.0-M3 release which approx 109 issues resolved (new features, improvements and bug fixes such as...)

  • Complete removal of specialized Exchange using generics
  • Performance improvements
  • JMS improvements and fixes
  • Fixes for Camel Maven Archetypes
  • Spring DSL fixes
  • Added SSL support to Camel IRC
  • Many fixes in the CXF, FTP, Log, Mail and others
  • Major improvements and fixes in Bindy
  • Removed platforms specific encoding from kits
  • Fixed issues related to class loading in OSGi
  • Bean also supports lookup in OSGi registry
  • Upgraded to Junit 4.5
  • Error handler improvements
  • Introduced <pacakgeScan> in Spring XML that supports ANT path style filtering
  • Introduced PollingConsumerPollStrategy as pluggable strategy for fine grained error handling with Polling Consumer
  • Stream caching is disabled by default
  • Jetty connector can now be shared among multiple CamelContext

New Enterprise Integration Patterns

  • None

New Components


New Annotations

  • Added qualifier option to many annotations to specify which CamelContext it should apply in case multiple CamelContext is used.

New Data Formats

  • None

New Languages

  • None

New Examples

  • None

API breaking

Camel Core

  • All specialized Exchange classes have been removed. You should use org.apache.camel.impl.DefaultExchange instead.
  • Renamed DSL in SpringBuilder: bean -> lookup
  • Option delay renamed to redeliveryDelay in RedeliveryPolicy.


Known Issues

See known issues from previous releases.

Important changes to consider when upgrading

If you specialized existing components and used specialized org.apache.camel.Exchange classes, your code will need updating to use org.apache.camel.impl.DefaultExchange instead.

Getting the Distributions

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Getting the Binaries using Maven 2

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SVN Tag Checkout

svn co


For a more detailed view of new features and bug fixes, see:

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