Camel 2.23.0 Release


New and Noteworthy

Welcome to the Apache Camel 2.23.0 release which is a new minor release and resolved 262 issues including new features, improvements and bux fixes.

  • Upgraded to Spring Boot 2.1.
  • Additional component level options can now be configured via spring-boot auto-configuration and these options is included in spring-boot component metadata json file descriptor for tooling assistance.
  • Added section with all the spring boot auto configuration options for all the components, data-formats and languages to the documentation.
  • All the Camel Spring Boot starter JARs now include META-INF/ file in their JARs to optimize Spring Boot auto-configuration
  • The Throttler now supports correlation groups based on dynamic expression so you can group messages into different throttled sets.
  • The Hystrix EIP now allows to inherit Camel's error handler so you retry the entire Hystrix EIP block again if you have enabled error handling with redeliveries.
  • SQL and ElSql consumers now support dynamic query parameters in route from. Notice it's limited to be mostly about calling beans via simple expressions.
  • The swagger-restdsl maven plugin now has supports for generating DTO model classes from the swagger specification file.

The following noteworthy bugs has been fixed:

  • The Aggregator2 has been fixed to not propagate control headers for forcing completion of all groups, so it will not happen again if another aggregator EIP are in use later during routing.
  • Fixed Tracer not working if redelivery was turned on the error handler
  • The built-in type converter for XML Documents may output parsing errors to stdout, which has now been fixed to output via the logging API.
  • Fixed SFTP writing files via the charset option would not work if the message body was streaming based.
  • Fixed Zipkin root id to not be reused when routing over multiple routes to group them together into a single parent span.
  • Fixed optimised toD when using HTTP endpoints had a bug when hostname contains ip address with digits. 
  • Fixed issue with RabbitMQ with request/reply over temporary queues and using manual acknowledge mode, would not acknowledge the temporary queue (which is needed to make request/reply possible)
  • Fixed various HTTP consumer components may not return all allowed HTTP verbs in Allow header for OPTIONS requests (such as when using rest-dsl)
  • Fixed thread-safety issue with FluentProducerTemplate

New Enterprise Integration Patterns

New Components

  • camel-fhir - For working with the FHIR health-care protocol


New Annotations

New Data Formats

New Languages

API breaking

  • The HttpBinding interface has new methods for setting fileNameExtWhiteList option.
  • The copy, copyFrom methods on org.apache.camel.Message now also copy over reference to the exchange 

Known Issues

Important changes to consider when upgrading

  • The Camel -starter JARs for Spring Boot has limited the possibility of using nested configuration for only known Camel types such as SSLContextParameters. Beforehand it was too open and may generate tooling metadata that would appear as you can configure these options despite the java class was not supportive of this. 

Getting the Distributions

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Getting the Binaries using Maven 2

To use this release in your maven project, the proper dependency configuration that you should use in your Maven POM is:


Git Tag Checkout

git clone
cd camel
git checkout camel-2.23.0


For a more detailed view of new features and bug fixes, see the:

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