Camel Docker component

Available as of Camel 2.15

Camel component for communicating with Docker.

The Docker Camel component leverages the docker-java via the Docker Remote API.

Maven users will need to add the following dependency to their pom.xml for this component:

    <!-- use the same version as your Camel core version -->

URI format


Where operation is the specific action to perform on Docker.

Header Strategy

All URI option can be passed as Header properties. Values found in a message header take precedence over URI parameters. A header property takes the form of a URI option prefixed with *CamelDocker* as shown below

URI OptionHeader Property

General Options

The following parameters can be used with any invocation of the component

OptionHeaderDescriptionDefault Value
hostCamelDockerHostMandatory: Docker host localhost
portCamelDockerPortMandatory: Docker port2375
usernameCamelDockerUserNameUser name to authenticate with 
passwordCamelDockerPasswordPassword to authenticate with 
emailCamelDockerEmailEmail address associated with the user 
secureCamelDockerSecureUse HTTPS communication false
requestTimeoutCamelDockerRequestTimeoutRequest timeout for response (in seconds)30
certPathCamelDockerCertPathLocation containing the SSL certificate chain 

Consumer Operations

The consumer supports the following operations.

eventsinitialRangeMonitor Docker events (Streaming)Event

Producer Operations

The following producer operations are available.

Misc OperationOptionsDescriptionReturns
auth Check auth configuration 
info System wide informationInfo
ping Ping the Docker server 
version Show the docker version informationVersion
Image OperationOptionsDescriptionBody ContentReturns
image/listfilter, showAllList images List<Image>
image/createrepositoryCreate an imageInputStreamCreateImageResponse
 image/buildnoCache, quiet, remove, tagBuild an image from Dockerfile via stdinInputStream or FileInputStream
image/pullrepository, registry, tagPull an image from the registry  InputStream
image/pushnamePush an image on the registry InputStream
image/searchtermSearch for images List<SearchItem>
image/removeimageIdRemove an image  
 image/tag imageId, repository, tag, forceTag an image into a repository  
image/inspectimageIdInspect an image InspectImageResponse
Container OperationOptionsDescriptionBody ContentReturns
container/listshowSize, showAll, before, since, limit, List containersinitialRange List<Container>
container/createimageId, name, exposedPorts, workingDir, disableNetwork, hostname,
user, tty, stdInOpen, stdInOnce, memoryLimit, memorySwap, cpuShares,
attachStdIn, attachStdOut, attachStdErr, env, cmd, dns, image, volumes,
Create a container  CreateContainerResponse

containerId, binds, links, lxcConf, portBindings, privileged, publishAllPorts,
dns, dnsSearch, volumesFrom, networkMode, devices, restartPolicy,
capAdd, capDrop

Start a container  
 container/inspectcontainerIdInspect a container  InspectContainerResponse
 container/waitcontainerIdWait a containerInteger 
container/logcontainerId, stdOut, stdErr, timestamps, followStream, tailAll, tailGet container logs  InputStream
container/attachcontainerId, stdOut, stdErr, timestamps, logs, followStreamAttach to a container InputStream
container/stopcontainerId, timeoutStop a container  
container/restartcontainerId, timeoutRestart a container  
container/diffcontainerIdInspect changes on a container ChangeLog
container/killcontainerId, signalKill a container  
container/topcontainerId, psArgsList processes running in a container TopContainerResponse
container/pausecontainerIdPause a container  
container/unpausecontainerIdUnpause a container  
container/commitcontainerId, repository, message, tag, attachStdIn, attachStdOut, attachStdErr,
cmd, disableNetwork, pause, env, exposedPorts, hostname, memory, memorySwap,
openStdIn, portSpecs, stdInOnce, tty, user, volumes, hostname
Create a new image from a container's changesString 
container/copyfilecontainerId, resource, hostPathCopy files or folders from a containerInputStream 
container/removecontainerId, force, removeVolumes Remove a container  



The following example consumes events from Docker:



The following example queries Docker for system wide information





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