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The guice:dot goal of the Guice Maven Plugin is used to generate Visualisation diagrams for your Enterprise Integration Patterns which use Guice for their Dependency Injection framework.
It works like guice:embedded, it will boot up your Guice configuration but it will only keep up for a few seconds. This will then generate a GraphViz DOT file in target/site/cameldoc.

The plugin will then try and convert the DOT file into a HTML, PNG and SVG representation. To do this an installation of GraphViz is required to be on your PATH.

So to use this plugin, please download Graphviz then put it on your PATH.

By default the plugin will evaluate the dot executable, but you can overload this by configuring the plugin's executable property. e.g.


Trying out guice:dot

A good example application to get you started is the Guice JMS Example.

cd examples/camel-example-guice-jms
mvn compile guice:dot

Your generated PNG/SVG files will then be in the target/site/cameldoc directory - assuming Maven could find your DOT executable.

Note that you do not need to explicitly run this goal; you could just integrate this plugin into the normal Maven report generation.

Disabling execution of DOT executable

In Camel 1.4 you can disable the execution of DOT by setting the useDot configuration parameter to false.

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