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The guice:run goal of the Guice Maven Plugin is used to run your Camel Guice configurations in a forked JVM from Maven. A good example application to get you started is the Guice JMS Example.

cd examples/camel-example-guice-jms
mvn guice:run

This makes it very easy to spin up and test your routing rules without having to write a main(String[]) method; it also lets you create multiple jars to host different sets of routing rules and easily test them independently.

How this works is that the plugin will compile the source code in the maven project, then boot up a Guice context using JNDI using the file as described in the guice injection documentation.

This allows you to boot up any Guice services you wish; whether they are Camel related or any other Guice POJOs.

If you want to boot up your Camel routes a little faster, you could try the guice:embedded instead.

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