Property Expression Language

The Property Expression Language allows you to extract values of named exchange properties.

From Camel 2.15 onwards the property language has been renamed to exchangeProperty to avoid ambiguity, confusion and clash with properties as a general term. So use exchangeProperty instead of property when using Camel 2.15 onwards.


Example usage

The recipientList element of the Spring DSL can utilize a property expression like:


In this case, the list of recipients are contained in the property 'myProperty'.

And the same example in Java DSL:


And with a slightly different syntax where you use the builder to the fullest (i.e. avoid using parameters but using stacked operations, notice that property is not a parameter but a stacked method call)

java from("direct:a").recipientList().property("myProperty");


The Property language is part of camel-core.

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