This page gives a list of the various tools available for Camel

Camel Maven Tools

Camel Commands for CLI

  • Core Commands is a set of Camel commands that SPI can reuse to integrate Camel commands in various tooling. The core commands is in the camel-commands-core JAR.
  • Karaf Commands is the Camel core commands for using with Apache Karaf based containers.

Camel Catalog

  • Is a standalone JAR camel-catalog that contains catalog information about the Apache Camel release. Such as information about each of the Camel components, with documentation in json schema format. This is intended for SPI to leverage for tooling, such as being able to implement Apache Camel component editors that can provide the set of options the component offers, with documentation included. 

External Open Source Tools

  • IDEs based on Camel Language Server:
  • IntelliJ IDEA extension
  • hawtio is an open source HTML5 web application for visualizing, starting/stopping and tracing Apache Camel routes, browsing endpoints, sending messages to endpoints as well as browsing and sending to ActiveMQ destinations, viewing logs and metric charting etc.
  • Fuse Tooling is an open source set of eclipse plugins for creating Apache Camel projects, editing Camel routes using a graphical editor.
  • Jenkins X Camel - CLI to quickly create an Apache Camel project and import into Jenkins X.
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