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To make it easy to run Cassandra on Kubernetes. If an operator is like a robot in your datacenter running your Cassandra cluster, what does that operator need: a) To make informed decisions. b) Exposed from node to cluster to take actions


  • Devops
  • Developers
  • Ops


Operator Capability Level

(Taken from

  • Lower the impedance between Kubernetes and Cassandra operations
  • Achieve Level 3 Operator compliance, plus Horizontal Scaling from Level 5.
  • Provide pathway to Level4
  • Listed on

What does Level 1, 2 and 3 look like in the Cassandra world?


  • L1: How do we support all the configuration options etc?
  • L2: Patch management and pausing broken upgrades / running mixed versions etc.

Level 1 operator for Apache Cassandra

Level 2 operator for Apache Cassandra

Level 3 operator for Apache Cassandra


  • Remove the need for any Cassandra administration. (Not Level 5)
  • Provide a serverless facade for Cassandra
  • Official Docker images??

Proposed Changes

A new repository as a sub-project for Apache Cassandra specifically for a Kubernetes Operator

New or Changed Public Interfaces

  • pluggable components (SPIs) like authorisation, triggers, ..? - Better support for K8s service discovery mechanisms
  • configuration - Probably something related to k8s service discovery e.g. a k8s seed provider maybe? 
  • The operator will define a Kubernetes Custom Resource (CRD), this will be the primary API for interacting with the operator.

Compatibility, Deprecation, and Migration Plan

  • Target version: 3.x and above
  • What impact (if any) will there be on existing users? None
  • The operator will need to support minor and major version upgrades of Apache Cassandra

Test Plan

  • Used as a part of CI/CD for Apache Cassandra project
    • dtest
    • harry
    • fallout
  • TBD - Acceptance framework for k9s Operators. (Need guidance on that criteria)

Rejected Alternatives

  • HELM charts

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