You can find basic information about the planning for the hackathon at ApacheCon NA 2022 on this page.

Who is co-ordinating the hackathon?

When and Where


New Orleans,


1 room for 4 days that seats 40 to 60 people

Need to have seats, tables, good internet, power sockets (maybe extensions), whiteboards, screen for displaying?

What about food and drinks? Do we have something available all the time? Do we look for a sponsor?

Initial Strategies

Contact VP and Communities of Projects with tracks at ApacheCon to see if they want to hold a hackathon session

Each day have an 'entry level session' for new contributors to get involved with projects (Goal could be doing a first contribution)

If projects want to hold a big hackathon then we could 'reserve' slots in the room but will allow others to use any remaining space

If projects want to include committers who will not be at the venue, they can also arrange for video conferencing.

Project collaboration - try and find ASF projects that use other ASF projects, then see if they can hack and collaborate.

Communication and Promotion

Announce details on comdev list, can also use twitter

Articles on comdev or apachecon blog?

Interview for Feathercast ?


Use the table to help plan the timing of specific sessions in the hackathon room.

Projects can sign up for a slot or volunteer to be involved with any existing sessions.

DateTimeSessionProjects Involved / InterestedContact Names
Example10.00 - 12.00Entry Level Hack! Learn about a new project and make your first contribution

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