STATUS: proposal to the comdev PMC, discussed on our dev list, dormant for now due to lack of interest.

This was initially named "Communities of Interests" but seems more appropriate. And the former name might be abbreviated CoI which we already use for "Conflict of Interest" in places.

As discussed in April 2021 we plan to offer the following services for Apache projects to create communities of interests around specific topic.

The motivation is a concrete request to do that for a healthcare community of interests, but a few weeks later (July 1st) there's been no answer to requests for feedback on this updated proposal so this hasn't happened yet.

If we create this we might create SIGs for healthcare, osgi and iot, and more as requested.

What the Community Development PMC offers

  • A homepage under named after your initiative
  • If desired, a <SIG> mailing list, archived at, where SIG is the same name as your homepage.

Oversight, and what you need to get started

The comdev PMC accepts oversight of the homepage and mailing list, and has ultimate decision power on how they are used.

That decision power is mostly meant to be used if such resources become stale or aren't used anymore, in which case they might be turned off. But apart from that and assuming our Code of Conduct is followed in the way those resources are used, the comdev PMC will let the community of interests manage them.

To demonstrate interest and to share the load with the comdev PMC, we are asking that each community of interests nominates three PMC members from interested PMCs to act as shepherds for those resources. They will be asked to provide the content for the homepage (managed at and moderate the mailing list. Their Apache IDs must be indicated on the community homepage and kept up to date if they change.

One of these three people can then request the creation of the homepage and mailing list with a short justification explaining why it's needed, by creating a COMDEV ticket. Please mention the ASF IDs of the 3 PMC "shepherds", the desired short name (all lowercase, no spaces) for the new community and 1-2 paragraphs which describe it for the initial creation of its homepage.

For any questions you can reach out to the comdev PMC on the dev@community.a.o mailing list.

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