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VFS - Virtual File System

Apache Commons VFS provides a single API for accessing various different file systems. It presents a uniform view of the files from various different sources, such as the files on local disk, on an HTTP server, or inside a Zip archive.

Its homepage is located at:


What to do if access to a filesystem fails.

  • VfsProblems

Usage and Solutions

  • VfsExampleShell - command line (classpath) samples
  • VfsCacheStrategy
  • VfsFaq - lets start a FAQ
  • VfsCapabilitiesMatrix - Capabilities of file system providers

Future and Contributions

Stuff we will see in (one of) the next release(s):

  • VfsNext - ideas, todos, open issues (needs cleanup)
  • VfsReleaseState - roadmap for next release
  • VfsTestServers - how to integration test with external servers


Related Projects

  • VFS JFileChooser - A Java Swing component which browses local or remote locations using VFS
  • Dctm VFS - Provides a plugin for Commons VFS that allows you to access EMC Documentum as a filesystem.
  • VFS FTPServer - provides a Commons VFS implementation for the Apache FTPServer project
  • GaeVFS - GaeVFS is an Apache Commons VFS plug-in that implements a distributed, writeable virtual file system for Google App Engine (GAE) for Java.
  • Commons VFS UI - Commons VFS UI is a gui application for the Commons VFS.
  • VFS-S3 - Amazon S3 plugin for VFS (Apache Commons Virtual File System). VFS-S3 allows you to operate Amazon S3 buckets and files using Commons VFS. Original version from was outdated and is not supported anymore - proof
  • Commons VFS Grid - Commons VFS Grid is a collection of file system providers for Commons VFS, which provide SRB, GridFTP and other Grid file systems.
  • Loopy - Loopy is ISO9660 file system (i.e. .iso files) plug-in for Apache Commons VFS.
  • VFS-utils - This project provides some utilities for working with the Apache Commons VFS libraries. It provides a bridge to the Apache Mina FTP Server and a Java shell / console providing a command line interface to VFS operations.
  • Ant Commander - Ant Commander is a free file manager written in Java/Swing and is based on Apache Ant and Apache Commons-vfs. Ant Commander includes Commons-vfs and the libraries needed for the different file systems.
  • VFSLib Java Library - Commons VFS providers for Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3 cloud file systems first published in 2013.
  • seeburger-vfs2 - VFS providers for database blobs and layered git-trees.
  • vfs-azure - VFS provider for Microsoft Azure Blob Storage by Kervin Pierre.

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