The Apache CXF XJC-Utils subproject provides a bunch of utilities for working with JAXB to generate better or more usable code.

Currently, it consists of the following modules:


Provides a maven wrapper around the JAXB XJC utility


Initialize fields mapped from elements/attributes with their default values


Implements the toString() method


Generate getters named getXXX() for Booleans instead of isXXX()


Adds extensions methods to allow generated beans to be used as WSDL4J extensors


Provides a workaround for

- Not needed for JAXB >=2.1.12

In CXF versions prior to 2.3.0, the xjc plugins were shaded directly into the big cxf bundle jar. In 2.3.0, they were removed from the jar and are placed individually into the lib directory of the distribution. The xjc plugins are only code generation utilities and not used at all at runtime which is why they were pulled out.

The source code can be checked out anonymously over HTTP by doing:

git clone


git clone

Building is similar to the build instructions for the main CXF project.

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