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Double Take

Paul C. Zikopoulos

DB2 Magazine

Quarter 4, 2004 Vol. 9, Issue 4

Flying out of the gate with Derby

Sing Li


June 30, 2005

Derby: The Java Relational Database

Stanley Bradbury and David Fallside

Linux Magazine

September 18,2005

IBM's Cloudscape Versus Microsoft's SQL Server 2005 Express

Roger Smith


June 22,2005

IBM's Cloudscape Versus MySQL

Roger Smith


June 28, 2005

Apache Derby – Off to the Races

Paul C. Zikopoulos, George Baklarz, Dan Scott

IBM Press


The New Cloudscape View (v10.1 overview)

Grant Hutchison

DB2 Magazine


Java RDBMS-Freie Datenbanken: Derby und hsqldb (German Article)

Alexander Schatten, Marco Zapletal

iX (Heise Verlag)

2005. Nr. 5

Using Java DB (Derby) in Desktop Applications

John O'Conner

Sun Developer Network

March 2006

Apache Derby: Datenbank für alle Anwendungsfälle (German article) Infoweek (German) Conclusions of this article (BLOG, English)

Alexander Schatten

2006, Nr. 15

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[Getting Started With Derby]

Stephen B.Morris


May 11, 2007


developerWorks also hosts technical articles about Derby written by various authors.

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