Release checklist

  1. Review:
    • Make sure your pom is in a SNAPSHOT version
  2. Test that your environment and settings: mvn clean install -Papache-release
  3. Do a dry run: mvn release:prepare -DdryRun=true
    • You may need to specify a different tag directory
  4. Inspect pom.xml.tag. This is the release pom.
    • If you need to start over, run: mvn release:clean clean
  5. Publish the snapshot: mvn deploy
  6. Clean the release: mvn release:clean clean
  7. Prepare the release: mvn release:prepare
    • Note that this step commits the tag and updates pom versions
  8. Stage the release: mvn release:perform
  9. Login to: (Sonatype), find the release and close it
    • If there are errors closing the release, you are not configured correctly, restart
  10. Start a [VOTE] thread, include links to the release artifacts, the tag, JIRA issues, and README.

    • If the vote fails, drop the release in Sonatype and start over
    • If the vote passes, update the thread with a [RESULT] reply

  11. Release the repo in Sonatype
  12. svn checkout and checkin the release artifact
    • Remove the previous release if it exists
  13. Update the website with the new maven and dist urls
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