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Work in progress

This site is in the process of being reviewed and updated.


Building Interoperable and Flexible Infrastructure with Windows, Solaris, and Linux

The Apache Directory Server facilitates interoperability by supporting standard protocols such as LDAP and Kerberos. This is both a tutorial and a reference for deploying heterogeneous infrastructure. This Interoperablity Tutorial is organized into trails - groups of lessons on a particular subject. While much proprietary and open-source software will be covered, a special emphasis will be placed on using Apache Directory as a "realm controller" to provide Kerberos-based authentication across Windows, Linux, and Solaris, including Linux Xen hosts and Sun GridEngine nodes.

Trail Map

A list of trails and the lessons within them.


Scan the master table of contents to quickly move to a particular topic, or to get an overview of every trail.


Our goal is to keep this tutorial as up-to-date as possible with the latest releases of open-source and proprietary software. If you find an error or some details lacking in the tutorial, please mail us the relevant information on the Apache Directory developer's mailing list, We will try to incorporate fixes to the errors in the next release of the tutorial.


Kerberos in the Enterprise
Introduction to Realm Control
Initial Linux Setup

Using ApacheDS as backend for user data


Using ApacheDS providing Kerberos Authentication ...

Kerberos Client Configuration
... for OpenLDAP
... for SSHD
... for Wicket
... for Windows 2003

A Kerberized Grid

NFSv4 Automounted Home Setup
NFSv4 Client Mount Setup
NFSv4 Client Setup
NFSv4 Server Export Setup
NFSv4 Server Setup
Automount Schema
Configuring Automount
Xen GridEngine Provisioning
GridEngine Installation
GridEngine Scripting


Samba SSO - Basic Setup
Samba SSO Examples
Using Kerberos Credentials with smbclient

Active Directory

Creating Service Principals with Active Directory
DNS Requirements for Active Directory
Exporting Keytabs from Active Directory
Kerberos Authentication in Windows
Kerberos Authentication Events
Kerberos Configuration

Further Pages

Configuration Admin with LDAP and DNS
Configuring a Realm
Configuring LDAP-backed Winbind IDMAP
DNS Catalog Configuration
HOWTO Add Network Time Protocol to Linux
HOWTO Realm Control
Locating Domain Controllers
Kerberos and Web Services
Kerberos Catalog Configuration
Installing Updated Kerberos PAM on Linux
Running the ApacheDS OSGi Build

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