(tick) Open-source.
(tick) 100% Java.
(tick) Simple Identity Management with 2-Factor Authentication
(tick) No Hardware Tokens! Multiple Accounts on a Cell Phone with J2ME Soft Token
(tick) Non-Invasive 2-Factor Authentication operating systems, languages, and platforms.
(tick) Passwords are not transmitted over the wire
(tick) SSO Supported out of the box
(tick) Trusts (w/ AD) also supported between servers and realms
(tick) Forgiving: it operates even when servers are disconnected from a replicated cluster
(tick) Single use HOTP passcodes do not require time synch or phone service

Cost Savings

(tick) Open-source solution is free with no licensing fees
(tick) No additional hardware costs for security Fobs
(tick) No RMA process or overhead for broken Fobs
(tick) Eliminate costs of password management
(tick) Programmable mobile device can use any 2-factor auth algorithm to leverage existing investments in FOB hardware

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