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This is the CWiki for Apache Droids and is maintained by the community. To edit pages, visit UserPreferences at the top-right of any page to create a user profile or to login. Notifications of all changes you make will be sent to the cvs@incubator mailing list, so we will be aware of your changes and we will happily correct any small mistakes that you might make.

The official website

The official website can be found



Droids is very modular to limit overhead that are not used in every usecase to a minimum. We currently have following modules:

  • droids-core - here we only have a minimum of dependencies to make it easy to integrate and extend droids.
  • droids-norobots - this plugin provides the functionality to apply robots rules to droids.
  • droids-solr - this plugin provides the functionality to use solr for indexing.
  • droids-spring - this plugin provides spring support. Further it offers a dynamic extension of droids via the cocoon configurator.
  • droids-tika - this plugin provides the functionality to use the Tika parsing facilities. Apache Tika is a toolkit for detecting and extracting metadata and structured text content from various documents using existing parser libraries.
  • droids-wicket - this plugin provides the functionality to monitor different droids. It is implemented with Apache Wicket.
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