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Welcome to Apache Eagle Space

Welcome to Apache Eagle collaboration space. We post the detailed technical design of Apache Eagle in this wiki space.


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  1. I am working on Apache Eagle, Proof Of Concept. I  downloaded the  Eagle Version 0.5.0  on my HDP 2.6 test cluster. I am able to  finally build the source code(via mvn clean install -DskipTests) and  run the  Eagle  using ./bin/ start . However the  Eagle GUI does not  come up at loalhost:9090  It say "Laoding .." forever. Can any one  provide  a hint about how  to debug  further. My Ambari  GUI for the cluster at  localhost:8080 is  running fine with all needes services ( HDFS, STORM,  KAFka..). 

  2. I am working on Apache Eagle, Proof Of Concept, As reported on Feb 12  to  '' and feb21 below, I downloaded Apache Eagle 0.5 on working Hadopp cluster  2.5. Apache Eagle GUI shows  GUI but it does not  come up  In case of  HWX 3.0 Sandbox th Eagle runs but at GUI  at  127.0.01:9090 it does not connect ( runs HWS with Ambari fine).  So fare there is no support for  HWX 0.5. SO few  questions

    1) Has anyone tired  Eagle outside  eBay ( and my be DataGuise ) ?  Do not see much activity from users or other online  resources  lke stackoverflow,  Horton Community orks or even  at  since Eagle launched on project on January 10, 2017. I  do not see  press articles etc.  I also see no activity at  Tweeter, meetups in NYC tri-state area related eagle. Eagle is not part of the  Hortonworks  roadmap of 2019. 

    2) Eagle 0.5 at Sandbox: I  also tried Eagle  through Hortonworks sandbox  (,). Eagle has launched  here but it does not connect at the GUI level. The documenation is also fairly old  ( e.g. tar -zxvf eagle-0.1.0-bin.tar.gz, that does not exist)

    3)Eagle 4.0 :   As  I am blocked with issues with Eagle 0.5 and the sandbox , I am  planning to s try with  the previous version 0.4 (apache-eagle-0.4.0-incubating-src).   Regarding  4.0 : 1) Do I   need to  install entire Hadoop system as some documentation suggest ?  That means   JDK ( 1.7.0 older version), Hadoop  2.7.3.  Yarn , Logstash, Zookeeper,  Strom, Kafka again  before installing Eagle ?

    It says V.0.4  only supports  only user behavior analysis. I am not sure what else is not supported by not  having version 0.5 in area of  Security and Performance monitoring ?

    Hope to  get some  reply this time.