• Review mentor and project applications.

Discussion items



Pablo's project submission
  • Pablo replied to Sage, no response yet.
  • Potential problem where the project benefits proprietary software.
 7min Accepted submissions
  • Juneau project has two mentors (cool!).
  • BeamSQL project approved.
  • All four mentors approved so far, though one project in limbo.
  • Verified with each PMC the status for each mentor.
    • Checked for lazy consensus for mentors.
    • Inquired directly for mentor applications that didn't already have lazy consensus on the mailing lists.
10minHow to maintain meeting minutes
  • Start using Confluence meeting notes templates to track.
  • Start pre-creating meeting notes pages ahead of time to allow for the agenda to be pre-filled.
  • Consider using a Confluence task template thing to list all open Outreachy D&I action items (separate from Jira tickets).
    • Should likely start doing this after we have a couple meetings minuted in Confluence first.
  • Action items should be used for smaller items. Jira tickets for larger items (work that takes more than an hour or so).

Action items

  • Matt Sicker follow up with Sage about the rejected project submission to see if they reconsider.
  • Katia Rojas follow up with Pablo to see about alternative project ideas.
  • Katia Rojas to move Google Docs meeting minutes to Confluence.