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15minNew Outreachy intern

Onboarding of new Outreachy intern.  

The internship starts: Dec. 3, 2019

  • Interns need to schedule regular meetings with mentors.
  • Blogging: help unblock if necessary.
30minFriction log template
15minTool kit

Lack of recorded contributions in some projects: We opened a discussion and came up with some theories, see mail discussion: Tooling training for ASF projects.

  • possible reasons why:
    • The skill level required in the project is too high and/or
    • the wording of the project is a bit intimidating due to the technical language or unclear goals
    • High system requirements 
  • possible solutions:
    • setup cheat sheet + more guided or explained tasks. Include this sheet in the project submission to guide applicants in their initial contributions. we've seen sometimes there is no time to address all queries/questions from applicants, therefore we could include this sheet to help them guide themselves.  
    • we need a more easy-to-start development environment. regarding applicants with less experience. In this case, it is hard to find a solution other than committing enough mentor time, which is hard to find. 
  • Examples: how to make the first code line to contribute.


  1. Make a page: Getting Started At Apache
  2. links: Products, signed up for the mailing list, jira, confluence, etc. 

Action items