These details are copied from a past Outreachy mentorship done in the Jenkins project. In the future, this should be updated to use the details of an Apache/Outreachy project.

Project Description

Add audit logging to Jenkins

Audit Log for Jenkins aims to catalog and instrument an audit trail of actions that take place in a Jenkins system. This project began last year in 2018 with Outreachy, and its development continues today. Using Apache Log4j Audit, this plugin offers a UI to configure the destination of audit logs. Over time, this project hopes to standardize audit logging APIs in Jenkins so that more auditable information can be included later.

Internship Tasks

This project specifically intends to add audit log information about the lifecycles of views, jobs, runs, and build agents (along with hopefully determining the appropriate terminology to use for these events because the Jenkins documentation official names for concepts and the class names inside Jenkins differ sometimes). This is also part of a larger standardization proposal from this project to allow other Jenkins plugins to define and log their own audit events, so we'll be building upon the work done before. This project would also like to expand on the configuration options available for audit log sinks such as Postgres or syslog.

Project Contribution Information

As part of the application process, all applicants must make at least one contribution to be accepted as an intern for this project. Only applicants who make a contribution will be eligible to be accepted as interns. This community requires applicants to complete a tutorial before they can make their contributions.

For help getting started please join the chat at

Applicants can contribute to this project through the project repository or contribution page. The project uses an issue tracker to keep information about bugs to fix, project features to implement, documentation to write, and more. Applicants can look for newcomer-friendly issues to use for their first contributions by looking for the following issue tags in the project issue tracker: newbie-friendly

Join our Outreachy Gitter channel and say hi. Take a look at the audit log epic in the Jenkins issue tracker (JENKINS-54082) to see past tasks completed, newbie-friendly tasks, and find one that you'd like to contribute. There is a bit of onboarding info in the project file helpfully provided by past Outreachy interns. You should also read the documentation on Apache Log4j Audit to familiarize yourself with some of the concepts behind audit logging and how to use the library and catalog editor to create new audit event types and use them in your code.

If you do not feel confident enough to ask for tasks or guidance publicly, feel free to send me a direct message on Gitter (@jvz) or email me directly (

How do I work with the community?

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Who will I work with?

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