How to configure the ESME server ESME Desktop connects to ..

By default ESME Desktop connects to the ESME instance running at, but if you are running your own instance of the server, you will need to change the server that ESME Desktop connects to .. here's how ..

This setting is stored in your application storage directory in a file called preferences.xml ... the application storage directory path varies based on your operating system and your username


/Users/username/Library/Preferences/ESMEDesktop.05D8320A56ED876B4DC203B7387C89522DDC092F.1/Local Store/preferences.xml The GUID in the path may vary.


C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\ESMEDesktop.05D8320A56ED876B4DC203B7387C89522DDC092F.1\Local Store\preferences.xml

If the file does not exist create preferences.xml and drop in the following xml and save .. <preferences> <preference name="ESME_APISERVER" value=""/> <preference name="ESME_SERVER" value=""/> </preferences>
If the file exists then edit the values to your server urls. The new setting will be picked up the next time you start ESME Desktop.

An example preferences file. The value for token is from the Manage Tokens link, after you log in via the web. <preferences>
  <preference name="ESME_APISERVER" value=""/>
  <preference name="ESME_SERVER" value=""/>
  <preference name="token" value="xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"/>

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