This project has retired. For details please refer to its Attic page.
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  • Use Case - Posting from SAP back-end
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This is the cloud-based Apache ESME installation


This is the firewall protected area that contains the Apache ESME bot and the SAP back-end

ESME Users




This is the user in Apache ESME that represents the SAP back-end. This user must be followed when users wish to receive information from the SAP back-end. If users wish to communicate with the back-end then they must send mesages addressed to this user.
Additional Configuration: This user can also use tracksto automatically receive messages with a certain word. You may also use actionswhich provide more complicated ways to filter information. For example, the user may use an action that searches for messages that are tagged with the word "sap"

Bot Details

The bot uses the Apache ESME APIto receive messages that are addressed to it.  The bot then provide some basic filtering to determine what is required. For example, messages that are tagged with the word "PO" would get information about purchase orders. Messages tagged with "mat" would ask about materials.

There are various options for the bot to communicate with the back-end. These options are primarily based on what programming langauge is being used, the platform, etc.