Manual jar download

Some projects in excalibur have an optional dependency on some sun-distributed jars which you're not allowed to download automatically using maven. You need to make sure you download and install the following files yourself:

  • $MAVEN_REPO/javamail/jars/mailapi-1.3.1.jar
  • $MAVEN_REPO/jms/jars/jms-1.1.jar
  • $MAVEN_REPO/jsse/jars/jsse-1.0.3.jar

All of these can be retrieved from If you are an ASF committer and you have already accepted all the relevant licenses for these jars before, it should be okay (IANAL) to retrieve these from a private repository on ASF hardware:

     scp -r* \

Build jars and install into local repository

Since excalibur subprojects often depend on other excalibur subprojects, this is not an optional step. Go to the directory where you checked out excalibur, and run this:

  maven multiproject:install
  maven multiproject:install-snapshot

Build other things

Standard maven commands can be used for building things like distributions, apidocs, and more. Useful commands might be:

  maven multiproject:site
  cd $subproject; maven dist
  cd site; sh scripts/

See WebsiteManagement for information on building (and deploying) the website, and ReleaseManagement for information on uploading releases.

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