Sigil is currently being migrated to Apache Felix from it's original home on As part of this migration it has been decided to go for a completely self hosted mode of development - i.e. use Sigil to build Sigil.


Please help development of Sigil by reporting issues and contributing patches here.

Build Instructions

If you want to try it out or contribute here are the steps to build Sigil in it's current form:

  1. Check out or update the Felix trunk (i.e., svn checkout felix)
  2. cd felix/sigil
  3. ant clean dist

The ant build will probably take a long time on first pass as it needs to download a lot of large eclipse dependencies first time around. But after this first pass the secondary builds should run quickly i.e. seconds not minutes. By way of a brief explanation of what is going on in this build.

  1. I've hosted a prebuilt sigil-ivy-plugin at
  2. The ant build downloads ivy, sigil-plugin, bnd and equinox.common.jar and stores them in $felix-svn/sigil/cache/ant/lib
  3. Ivy caches a set of remote bundles that sigil can't yet index (i.e. no obr index to these resources yet)
  4. Sigil creates local indexes of ivy cached bundles (just indexes filesystem)
  5. Sigil builds all projects in $felix-svn/sigil/common and $felix-svn/sigil/eclipse using the meta data from the various files. Import-Package or Require-Bundle dependencies expressed in the file are resolved from either: the local workspace; the local cached repo; or the spring enterprise bundle repository (for which we do have an OBR index).


Currently the Sigil build does not create an eclipse update site, but it will generate the plugins to install in eclipse:

# ls site/plugins
bndlib.jar                                      org.apache.felix.sigil.common.junit.jar         org.apache.felix.sigil.eclipse.ui.jar    org.apache.felix.sigil.common.obr.jar           org.apache.felix.sigil.eclipse.obr.jar          org.apache.felix.sigil.eclipse.utils.jar
org.apache.felix.sigil.common.core.jar          org.apache.felix.sigil.eclipse.core.jar

You can copy these bundles to your dropins directory of your Eclipse install to get Eclipse to manually install these bundles from the file system.

Please let us know if you have any problems, questions, or want to help out via the Felix dev email list.

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