NOTE: This page slightly overlaps with the more technically detailed How to Release Apache Fineract step-by-step documentation.

We aim to release monthly releases on a time-driven release cycle based on the following phases to plan and manage each release. Soon we'll have a scrum boards up on JIRA to track the stories in each release and manage the backlog for future releases. 



Proposed Length

How Far In Advance of Target Release Date

Planning of Next Release

Discuss with community the features that are ready to be integrated and we would like to ship in the next release. Management of the backlog to plan out what features and tasks are available to work on will be coordinated separately.


  • Create fix version on JIRA to assign to.
  • Modify existing email template to open up planning process and request partners/contributors to create tickets with appropriate release version tagged and begin opening PRs. 
  • Regularly schedule a meeting to discuss and set a tentative branching date (i.e. 2 weeks later, if release date is a month past that).


1 - 2 weeks

6 weeks

Announcement of Release

Announce what is going to come in the release (should be 80% done at least).


  • Cut a release branch and freeze release branch and then develop branch can still have active work on it but only in rare cases might anything additional from develop
  • Email out sharing release branch details

4 weeks


QA begins on the release branch

  • Set up staging server

1 - 2 weeks

4 weeks

JIRA Sanitization & Publish Release Notes

Sanitize release documentation


  • Create release notes and email community release information with links.
  • Kick off planning process for next release. 

2 weeks


Publicly vote for release amongst community with binding votes from committers


  • Create artifacts
  • Sign release, etc.
  • Open up vote via dev list

1 week 


Tally up votes, announce, update websites and infrastructure with new release artifacts.

Release Date

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