Whether you are a committer or not, you can help add your and others' applications onto the FLEX showcase. This assumes that you've already created your JIRA ticket as detailed at the top of the showcase.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Get the site code via SVN or Github

    1. SVN repository for the website from: https://svn.apache.org/repos/asf/flex/site

    2. Github mirror: https://github.com/apache/flex-site/

  2. Open (/trunk)/content/showcase/data/showcase.xml and add in the new app/website details.
    The current convention is to position the entries in alphabetic order.
    This is the format:
    <app title="" author="" website="" dev="">
    <link header="" url="" />
    <link header="" url="" />
    <images baseDir="">
    <image file="" />
    <image file="" />
    <image file="" />
  3. Add the images to the /trunk/content/showcase/images/{app name} folder. The preview thumbnails (height 300px) go in the /trunk/content/showcase/images/{app name}/prev folder. If the images are not in the required format, post on the JIRA ticket asking for the missing files.

  4. Generate a .patch file with the changes.
  5. Update the JIRA ticket with the patch file or send a pull request
  6. For good measure, post a note on the mailing list so that it gets attention.

At this point an Apache Flex committer can apply the patch, test it locally and push a build of the website.

If you are already a committer, you can apply the changes directly, rather than attaching the patch to the JIRA ticket.