Overview and brief History

In order to build Flex applications with Maven 5 parts are involved:

  1. The Apache Flex SDK itself (aka FDK)
  2. The Adobe Flash SDK (Mainly consisting of a single SWC called the playerglobal)
  3. The Adobe Air SDK (Consisting of several SWCs as well as the Air runtime)
  4. The Adobe Fontkit (Set of closed-source libraries used for encoding fonts)
  5. The flexmojos-maven-plugin (A maven plugin able to build flex application with maven by using the resouces of the 4 previous parts)

Unfortunately Adobe requires users to explicitly accept a license agreement in order to download Flash-, Air SDK and Fontkit so it is impossible for us to provide these as Maven artifacts in a public repository. Previously Velo (the creator of the flexomojos-maven-plugin had an agreement with Adobe to publish artifacts in Sonatypes maven repository, but that agreement has expires and wasn't prolonged by Sonatype and Adobe). Some repositories contain artifacts of Adobe Flex up to version 4.6 (GroupId "com.adobe.flex"). These have nothing to do with Apache Flex, which is referenced using the groupId "org.apache.flex". If you want to build Adobe Flex applications, you are required to use Flexmojos 6.x as Flexmojos 7.x was modified in order to support the Apache groupId.

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