An attempt to document pieces of the FlexJS Framework which still need work in no particular order.

Embed Tags

Flex has a really convenient way of using graphics by using "Embed" tags. FlexJS could benefit from a supported way of accomplishing the same thing.


Flash has "deep linking" which in modern terms is called "routing". For a certain class of application, changing the URL is important for being able to use browser history to navigate an application. FlexJS needs this as well.

File Upload/Download

Both HTML and Flash have APIs which allow transferring files. Abstracting these APIs would be very helpful

Image Components

There is a strong need for image components which allow specifying content via either URL of raw binary data.

Font Handling and Text

This is a huge project...

UID Utils

This is pretty straight-forward

Complete Handling of SVG

The title says it all

Canvas component set


  1. Automatic handling of HI DPI screens. For HI DPI screens, the size needs to be doubled like this: <canvas style="width: 600px; height: 300px;" id="my_id" width="1200" height="600" class="my_class"></canvas>
  2. Some way to limit canvas size to something the target device can handle. Here's some info on that.
  3. Deal with canvas aspect ratios

Port of Squiggly?

(probably pretty low on the list)


An elegant way to deal with alerts and dialogs would be really good



There are ways to mask images and objects in both Flash and HTML. We need to abstract this.


This needs to be abstracted as well

Color Filters and Transforms


Cursor Manager

Abstracting cursor behavior is another task which needs to happen.