Apache Flume

Apache Flume is a distributed, reliable, and available system for efficiently collecting, aggregating, and moving large amounts of log data to scalable data storage systems such as Apache Hadoop's HDFS.

Flume entered incubation on June 12th, 2011.

Issues before graduation

  • Migrate code to Apache SVN from Cloudera.
    • Work to obtain CCLA from Cloudera regarding license grant for existing Flume code from Cloudera GitHub repository is underway.
  • Migrate mailing lists from Cloudera infrastructure to Apache mailing lists.
  • Create Flume web site.
  • Make an incubating release.
  • Grow the community size and diversity.
  • Licensing and other issues


  • Mailing lists have been created.
    • Initiated migration of mailing lists from Cloudera infrastructure to Apache mailing lists.
  • Voted to add Nick Verbeck as a committer and PPMC member.
  • New committer accounts have been setup need to check
  • SVN directory structure has been created, karma granted for initial committers.
  • JIRA has been initialized for FLUME
  • Confluence Wiki space has been created.
  • Work on migrating JIRA information from Cloudera hosted JIRA instance to Apache JIRA is underway.

Project developments

  • A Flume 0.9.4 release was made with the intention that it is the last pre-Apache release of the Flume project.
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