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  • Giraph implementation of Nutch LinkRank Algorithm
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  1. I'm very interested in participating in the GSoC, contribute and learn open source programming. I'm a computer science student at the Western University in Ontario. Of particular interest to me is the Nutch Giraph Integration otherwise known as the Giraph Implementation of Nutch LinkRank Algorithm. I find the idea very interesting. I can also work on the project idea: Giraph integration with Tinkerpop. I've being reading up on Apache Nutch, Apache Giraph, Tinkerpop frameworks, Graph databases (e.g. Neo4j, OrientDB, Titan), Faunus and GraphSON from the various sites and writing the suggestions for a learning path from scratch to implement the feature that will be included in the final proposal. And I will be more than happy to contribute by focusing on a project and learning open source programming from the Apache community.