Every service, application or resource in Geronimo is configured with an xml deployment plan. Deployment plans are the Geronimo version of the J2EE deployment descriptors. They are still XML files based on XML schemas containing the configuration details for a specific application module. Via the deployment plans you can not only deploy application modules but also other configurations such as a security realm,see the Create new database pools and LDAP Realm sections as some examples.This article is organized into the following sections : -

Apache Geronimo v1.1 deployment plans

The following table illustrates the deployment descriptors name and file location for both standard J2EE and Apache Geronimo specific.


Standard Deployment Descriptors in the J2EE specification

Apache Geronimo specific Deployment plan

Web Application Archive (WAR)

web.xml under the WEB-INF directory


Enterprise Web application archive (EAR)



J2EE Connector resources archive (RAR)



J2EE client application archive (JAR)



JAR containing EJBs

ejb-jar.xml under the META-INF directory


Detailed deployment plans

Each deployment plans will be discussed separately and are available at the following locations: -

  1. geronimo-web.xml
  2. geronimo-application.xml
  3. geronimo-ra.xml
  4. geronimo-application-client.xml
  5. openejb-jar.xml

Deployer Tool

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