This section describes a method that will be especially useful for testing small changes in JSP files without having to go through a cumbersome reload process. If you make changes to a Java Server Page (JSP) packaged in an already-deployed application archive in Eclipse, the changes will result in a redeployment of the whole package.
Starting from v2.2, there is a new option No re-deployment when only JSP files are updated for server configuration in GEP. Thus, GEP will not redeploy the whole package when only .JSP files are changed. This option will only be available when Geronimo server is stopped.
To enable the feature for GEP, follow these steps:

  1. Stop Geronimo server if it is running;
  2. On the Servers view, double click the server to be configured. And select No re-deployment when only JSP files are updated on the result panel; A message window will pop up with instructions.
  3. Edit <GERONIMO_HOME>/var/catalina/conf/web.xml file and set the development attribute for JSP pages to true.
    excerpt from web.xml
  4. After all is done, restart the server in Eclipse.
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