Apache Geronimo Board Report

Apache Geronimo is an open source server runtime that integrates the best open source projects to create Java/OSGi server runtimes that meet the needs of enterprise developers and system administrators.


  • Overall development activity (commits, JIRA, dev mailing list traffic) was low.
  • Some work being done on Java EE 7 specification jars.


  • Genesis 2.2
  • XBean 4.0
  • JavaMail 1.8.4
  • Spec jars (geronimo-annotation_1.2_spec, geronimo-jcdi_1.1_spec, geronimo-interceptor_1.2_spec, geronimo-concurrent_1.0_spec, geronimo-jcache_1.0_spec, geronimo-validation_1.1_spec, geronimo-json-1.0_spec)


  • The traffic on the user mailing list was low.
  • The last new PMC member was added in July 2014.
  • No new committers. The last new committer was added in March 2013.

Board-level issues


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