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Type Key Summary
Bug GERONIMO-6377 Couldn't save connection pool parameters change permanently
Bug GERONIMO-6165 Soft linebreaks in quoted-printable body result in loss of first character on next line
Bug GERONIMO-4674 Need a sample about developing applications on Geronimo with AJAX and JSF
Bug GERONIMO-4627 Adding virtual host config causes an error message upon server startup
Bug GERONIMO-4613 Database Configuration Pool Wizard does not provide the UI for providing connectionProperties in the case of Oracle thin driver type
Bug GERONIMO-4350 Connection proxying to imitate DissociatableManagedConnection can easily cause problems
Bug GERONIMO-4257 Problem with processing and delivery jms messages
Bug GERONIMO-4223 NPE when accessing Installed application EAR or Installed web application portlet
Bug GERONIMO-4219 Edited GBean properties not reflected on restart
Bug GERONIMO-4184 In-doubt transaction Id's could be reused during server startup
Bug GERONIMO-4153 Messages are not being redelivered correctly
Improvement GERONIMO-4130 Unable to preserve comments from plan.xml into config.xml
New Feature GERONIMO-4118 Deployer GShell commands do not support offline deployment
Bug GERONIMO-4097 unable to download extensible administration console using Little G
Bug GERONIMO-4080 Accessibility issue: No input error messages are shown in some forms if anything is unexpected
Bug GERONIMO-4078 Database Pools page: JNDI name formatting inconsistent
Bug GERONIMO-4032 Accessibility issue: descriptions should be shown explicitly for automatic change
Bug GERONIMO-4030 Accessibility issue: The tree and tabbed content in Debug views is not keyboard navigatable
Bug GERONIMO-4028 Accessibility issue: no label elements and title attributes defined in all of forms in admin console
Bug GERONIMO-4026 Accessibility issue: no fieldset and legend elements for groups of radio and checkbox button
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