This page lists common pitfalls for Gobblin users and developers.

Gobblin test fails on ubuntu gobblin-metastore

Here is the test error that you will see when you run the tests

Caused by: java.lang.RuntimeException: Command exited with error code: '141' and output: ''
at com.wix.mysql.distribution.setup.ProcessRunner.resolveException(
at com.wix.mysql.distribution.setup.NixBefore57Initializer.apply(
at com.wix.mysql.distribution.Setup.apply(
at com.wix.mysql.MysqldExecutable.start(
at com.wix.mysql.MysqldExecutable.start(
at de.flapdoodle.embed.process.runtime.Executable.start(
at com.wix.mysql.EmbeddedMysql.<init>(
at com.wix.mysql.EmbeddedMysql$Builder.start(
at gobblin.metastore.testing.TestMetastoreDatabaseServer.<init>(

You will have to make sure is installed as explained here


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