We would like more people to use, contribute to, and maintain Gobblin. These three aims align with the 3 main roles of members within our community : users, contributors, and committers/maintainers. We would like to instill a sense of ownership and pride among the members of our community by encouraging:

  • people to use Gobblin
  • users to contribute to Gobblin
  • contributors to become committers

You can contribute to Gobblin in many ways such as:

Best Ways to Engage the Community!

There are many ways today for members of the community to connect with others in the community. These include :

  • Sending an email to dev@gobblin.apache.org (after registering, c.f. Contributor's Guide)
    • Best way to initiate a long tail discussion
  • Asking a question on Slack 
    • Community members including contributors / committers hang out on Slack and should be able to answer your questions
    • Best way to get a quick response
  • Open a JIRA when a bug is found & propose a PR with a Fix
    • Only way to get PRs approved or to report bugs

Does Your Company Use Gobblin?

If so, please let us know on dev@gobblin.apache.org and we will be happy to update the Powered By page. Alternatively, you can also send a PR for updating the Powered By page. 

Details on Contributing

Getting Started

In order to contribute to Gobblin, please be sure to:

Submitting Pull Requests (Code contributions, or documentation) 

  • When filing Pull Requests, remember to 
    • Rebase your fork (http://stackoverflow.com/a/7244456/1110993)
    • Squash your commits
    • Create a JIRA for your bug fix/feature enhancement - point the JIRA "External Issue URL" to your PR URL
    • Preface your commit's subject & PR's title with [GOBBLIN-XXX], where XXX is the JIRA number, and add a JIRA link in the PR description
      • Some folks only preface the PR title with [GOBBLIN-XXX], but we also need the commit message subject to contain the JIRA id. This is because we use the subject line in the commit messages when creating the release notes. 
    • Add an Apache License header to all new files
    • & follow the 7 rules of good Git commits
    • Gobblin committers will review your submission, and approve or deny based on quality and relevance 

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