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  1. HI :

        I have one question about create job

        Are there all  jobs  use same config in sparkProperties.json  if I create job by web ui?

        Can I use different config for different job on web ui ?



    1. correct, current all jobs use same spark configuration. we have no way to attach different config to each of job.

      if you need, please open a Jira ticket and discuss in community


  2. Eugene is there a Slack channel for Griffin?

    thanks - Allen.

    1. Unfortunately,  officially, Apache doesn't support slack till now.

      It's better to use mailing list dev@griffin.apache.org to discuss.



    2. Allen,

      We have no slack channel now, but you give a good suggestion. I'll talk with guys in community.


    3. Unfortunately, officially, Apache don't support slack till now.

      It's better to use mailing list dev@griffin.apache.org to raise your question and discuss on any topic.

  3. William Guo  Can the metrics in griffin be reported through email each day/hour?

    1. roncenzhao

      Currently, it doesn't support sending metrics by email, because we think there will be too many metrics emitted.

      I guess you just want to be alerted when some metrics go beyond some threshold,

      Then you might need this.




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