Community Call


1. Anu
2. Marton
3. Eric
4. Clay
5. Ajay
6. Artem
7. Bharat
8. Craig
9. Josh
10. Matthew
11. Mohammad J Khan
12. Mukul
13. Rakesh
14. Salvatore
15. Vivek


  • Weekly community sync

Discussion items

1Unified RPC message structure (HDDS-1674)(Marton/Stephen)

Eric suggested that we should

add a version number to these 

protocols. We will be doing that, 

so that error message etc. can be 

clear about version mismatch, instead 

of just saying no such function etc.

2Status of the unit test battleMarton
30.4.1 releaseAjay/Xiaoyu
4Ozone at Kubecon Shanghai Xiaoyu
5Compilation time of Ozone (recon/yarn[js])Anu

Also discussed the strange issue of Protobuf RPC is too long

This happens when the data node is starting up.

AI: aengineer will send an email to Josh with the pointers to K8s 

resources in Ozone tree. - Done

AI: Josh will file an Ozone JIRA to track this issue, and we will try to reproduce this issue.


Action items