• Artem

  • Anu

  • Yiseng

  • Craig

  • Bharat

  • Arvindan

  • Vivek

  • Salvatore

  •  Elek

  • Clay

  • Mukul

Discussion items

1Discussed changes to Ozone release planMarton/Artem
  • Marton proposed that we move from feature based releases to a time based release.
  • We discussed this and decided that Ratis will create a release in Dec, 2019 and next Ozone Release will be Jan 2020.
  • Depending on the features that make into the release, we will call the release either 0.4.2 or 0.5.0.
 2Discussed why the current release was delayedMukul/Anu

We discussed what we could have done better for Ozone and Ratis release for 0.4.1.

3Discussed the issue of Ratis Release.Mukul/Elek

Ratis release is now a demand driven release due to Ozone release.

We wanted to move to a release train where Ratis is independent of Ozone in its release cadence.

We also discussed the fact that to graduate Ratis, we might have to establish independent cadence.

4The Lease protocol inside RatisClay/Mukul/Elek/Anu

We discussed the idea of having leases inside Ratis – that allows leader lease based consistency model.

The consensus was that the community would like to discuss it more. We will create a idea document, that we can discuss in the community and start discussing what the features should look like.

Action items