1. Marton Elek
2. Anu Engineer
3. Clay
4. Bharat
5. YiSheng
6. pifta
7. Nanda
8. Xiaayu Yao
9. Salvatore
10. Arvindan
11. Attila
12. Mukul
13. Vivek 

Discussion items

  • We identified 3 more JIRAs that we would like to carry as part of this Ozone release.
  • They are all directly or indirectly related to security. 
 2 ReleaseMarton 

Marton suggested that we revert the HDDS-2101 from 0.4.1 branch. The fix is valid only in the trunk branch. 

3Branch SeparationMarton 

Marton has written up a formal proposal for the Ozone branch separation. Ozone Branch Separation Proposal

There is a first draft of how the new branch and layout would look like here. New Ozone Repo layout

4Ozone Rook OperatorMartonMarton has posted the initial patch for the Ozone operator under Rook. This is a work in progress, please take a look if you are interested.

Action items

  • Nanda Kumar Will revert the HDDS-2101 from 0.4.1 branch.