1. Dinesh
  2. Anu
  3. Mukul
  4. Clay B
  5. pifta
  6. Yisheng
  7. Xiaoyu
  8. Attila
  9. Bharat
  10. Matt
  11. Nanda
  12. Craig
  13. Weichiu
  14. Vivek
  15. Salvatore
  16. Marton
  17. Aravindan

Discussion items

1Ozone Trash featureMatt/all
  • Matt presented his trash (undelete) feature proposal
  • We had extensive design discussion on how this feature should be implemented.
  • We will soon create a JIRA post a design document for this feature.
 2GDPR and Encryption zones  Dinesh/Xiaoyu
  • The question was how GDPR key will behave if the bucket already have TDE turned on. 
  • if we are able to delete the original encryption key then it is same as deleting the GDPR key.
  • Dinesh will explore this option.

Action items